Nokia NBU Backup File Explorer

by on December 27, 2009
in Freewares

nbu-explorer-logoAll Nokia S60 users use Nokia PC Suite or the upcoming Nokia Ovi Suite Beta for managing their Nokia phones on PC.

One of the best features I like in them is the feature to create backups of our calendar and bookmarks. Nokia PC Suite creates a backup of your data in your phone and stores it as a NBU file which can’t be viewed.

NbuExplorer is a free tool that allows you to view a Nokia NBU, NFB and NFC backup file (produced by Nokia Content Copier). It is basically a NBU file parser, extractor and viewer.


It can help you to check content of backup or extract files from it. NbuExplorer requires Microsoft .NET Framwork 2.0 or later to work.

Download NbuExplorer

You can download this free application from here: Download NbuExplorer

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  • Sajniho

    Thank u very helpful

  • marvinII

    For a full featured Nokia backup file explorer, please check Noki. The supported backup file formats are .nbu, .nfc, .nfb, contacts.cdb and backup.arc.