How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone

by on December 27, 2009
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android-logoOne issue that all Android users are facing is that once you set up your Google account on an Android phone, there is no option to clear/remove the account.

You can’t change or remove the Google Account in case you want to use another account on your phone. Yes, it’s kinda annoying and surprisingly, no one has added that option till now.

I faced a similar issue and after Googling for some tricks and playing with the options myself, I have come up with the following methods to clear your Google account from your phone.

How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone

One easy way that I have tested on my HTC Hero is to clear the data of the Google Apps app on your phone. It works, but remember, your contacts also gets removed. So make sure you create a backup somewhere.

Note: This is not a factory reset because this method does NOT clear your call log.

  • Open Menu, and go to Settings.
  • Select Applications and then go to Manage Applications.
  • Look for the app “Google Apps” and tap it.
  • Now tap the “Clear data” button.
  • Now, in the Notifications (top of the screen) you will see a new notification.
  • Tap “Your account must be updated”.
  • Now enter your new Google account info.
  • Reboot your phone and you’re all done!

Your new Google account should be up and running now. Now you just need to get your contacts back and your phone will be just like it was before.

Method 2

Another way to clear/change your Google Account is by changing your password from a computer and then reboot the phone. When the phone starts again, you will be prompted for the correct Google Accounts info. Change the info there.

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  • Rob

    Htc hero – mailbox, hit menu button, hit more – hit delete account


  • whyandre

    Great post! It worked for me 1st time around!


  • I'm glad it helped you :)

  • NilsTh

    There id no “Clear data” in my Nexus.

  • Dia

    Thank you! totally saved me from boredom lol

  • Kesundt

    Strange thing is that I have altered my password for my Google account on the Computer. Password has not been changed on the mobil. Still the HTC Desire is just happily continuing synching gmail, todo etc. (even after a phone reboot)

  • Mikeykay

    yea i dont remember my username or password… nebody nd my phones locked out,, anybody know how i can find it?

  • 123

    There is no “Google Apps” listed on a EVO with 2.2 FroYo.
    Changing the password only makes the phone prompt you for the password.

  • Ebaytoo

    Why is this still here? Method 1 doesn't work since there is no Google Apps on most phones now, and Method 2 doesn't work since phones now will just ask you for the new password without offering the opportunity to change the account. Please either update it or remove it.

  • Aleemsherani

    thanks lot

  • Onigoetz


    I the option to clear data wasn't available on my Galaxy S, do you have another idea ?

  • Umm… Try rebooting into the recovery and do a data wipe? Or try factory

    reset from the Settings.

  • i.a

    I m stuck and can't go to android market on hero because i forgot the password. I have cleared the data from app manager and when i enter new account details it says try again later. There was some error in connection. What should i do ??

  • Monkey

    Method one worked on the HTC hero, or phones updated to 2.1. My HTC desire (2.2) no longer has the Google apps tab to clear. Are there any other ways to remove an account?

  • Sebby

    I added my Google account to my fathers Desire.
    Later, I deleted my account because of all the spam I got on Gmail :P
    Now my dad can't change it or remove it without loosing all of his contacts, messages etc. Does anyone have any advice?

  • i did everything on method 1 up until the new notification…i didnt get one…now what?

  • Lisa


  • twinrlw9

    life saver! :)

  • Macaren

    on what version of android works this? 0.1??? :))

  • Reddy_ashwath

    i want to clear google account ,i go with the 1st option but in google apps it showing clear cache,it not showing clear data.

    what i need to do,any one help in this ?

  • Stephen marajh

    that happened to me too but you have to pretend you want to download something and then it will prompt to make new account it worked when i try to download the android bible

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  • Mokhtar Mahmoud

    better than nothing 

  • Rogan

    I have a rooted hd2 phone.  None of these methods work.  

  • Manoelgh

    On my Samsung indulge I can remove the account using the following steps:
    while at your home screen
    click menu -> settings -> accounts & sync, you will see your google account there.. tap it and then tap remove account but that requires resetting phone to factory default settings (you do that under privacy by tapping “Factory data rest”).

  • Safa Nizam2

    m using samsung galaxy s5670.dont have a google appz application in the manage application menu.wot can I do?

  • Bstar

    Thank you. Worked for me to delete my daughter’s account from my Motorola Droid.

  • Eric Lafontaine

    Go to “Setting” -> “Account”-> select “Google” (you google account) -> Click on your e-mail address.

    your going to see everything you can sync in there. Tap the 3 dots and do “remove account”.

    There you go.