Remove Dead Pixels from iPhone Screen

by on December 26, 2009
in iPhone, Tips and Tricks

iphone-dead-pixelNoticing any dots on your iPhone’s screen that won’t go away even after switching the iPhone on and off? Well those are the dead pixels.

No, that doesn’t mean your iPhone is going dead. There is always a workaround for things and so is this dead pixels issue.

iPhone Pixel App is a web app intended to aid us in correcting stuck/dead pixels in your iPhone screen. This app uses a javascript to rotate colors by actual hex# at a high frequency to excite pixels and hopefully release their stuck state. Animated images are not used to fix dead/stuck pixels in this app.

The developer recommends that while testing, keep your screen resolution to high and rotate your screen to check in normal and horizontal view.

There is no guarantee that it would really fix all the dead pixels, but it’s worth a shot!

iPhone Pixel App

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