How to Install A2SD2 in HTC Hero with MoDaCo ROM

htc-hero-whiteA2SD2 aka Apps2SD2 is an addon/tool for Android phones that allow you to install apps in your SD card. Unfortunately, by default there is no option in HTC Hero and (probably) other Android phones to install apps in your SD card.

The apps you install are stored in your phone memory and once it gets full, you can’t install any more applications.

MoDaCo ROM and some other custom ROMs available already have A2SD2 and all you have to do is enable and get it working. You can get the MoDaCo ROM on your HTC Hero by first rooting and then installing it.

How to Get A2SD2 Working in HTC Hero

Just follow the simple steps to get A2SD2 working on your phone.

  • Backup your SD card on your PC.
  • Boot your phone into recovery mode.
  • Now depending on whatever recovery image you’re using, choose Partition SD (ext2)
  • Reboot the phone now and transfer all your SD card files back to it.

Pretty easy, eh? This is one of the main advantages I found after installing a custom ROM on my phone.

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