HTC Sense UI Theme for Motorola Droid

by on December 25, 2009
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htc-sense-ui-droid-1The UI modifications done by HTC for their Android phones is by far the best one available till now.

Motorola Droid users who have been drooling over the powerful HTC Sense UI and wished to have it on their phones can now have it on their Droid.

This is not really the exact port of the Sense UI, but basically a theme that will skin your interface and as well as your widgets to match with that of the HTC Hero’s Sense UI.

htc-sense-ui-droid-1 htc-sense-ui-droid-2


Get HTC Sense UI Theme on Motorola Droid

Note: This method to get Sense UI on your Droid only works on ROOTED phones. tested with Android 2.0 and 2.01.

1. Download and install MetaMorph from the Android Market. It’s a free app!

2. Download HTC Sense UI like theme.

3. Copy the downloaded files to ‘AndroidThemes’ folder on your SD card.

4. Launch MetaMorph and select the HTC Sense UI theme.

5. Apply all the .APK files and enjoy the theme!

[Via AllDroid & Redmond Pie]

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