Nexus One Release Date and Price Announced

by on December 16, 2009
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Nexus-One-1After all the Google Nexus One hype going on around, one questions that was in everyone’s mind was when will this phone actually be released and how much will it cost when compared to the iPhone.

The wait is finally over! Nexus One will be coming to the public in just three weeks from now on. For pictures, click here.

Google Nexus One Android Conference Live Coverage

You can catch the coverage there: Google Nexus One Event Live Coverage

Google Nexus One Release Date

According to Reuters, Nexus One aka Google Phone will be released on Januaray 5, 2010 for a reduced price for T-mobile customers!

Google Nexus One Pricing

Pricing is something that really got me amazed. Nexus One will be priced at just $199 unlocked in stores. And about the pricing, Android Guys have to say:

Here’s the price: $199 unlocked in stores. $100 rebate online if you have an active and old Google account. That $100 rebate is either to buy it $99 online from Google’s online phone store, for using on Android Marketplace or for using on any Google Checkout stores. Can also be used for T-Mobile or AT&T pre-paid Data SIM card service at $29 per month, no contracts required.

Google will push full VOIP usage on these, meaning no voice/sms plans needed at any carrier. Voice calls will go through Google Voice on Data SIM cards and will provide unlimited free voice calling. And SMS is replaced by unlimited free Gtalk.

Finally, Google will provide easy roaming data services in other countries. For example, if you go to Europe, you can roam on HSDPA data networks for the same price of 20€ per month, and if you only stay in Europe for a few days you won’t need to pay for the whole month. You may not even need to change the SIM card.

[Via AndroidGuys]

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