Odroid – Android Game Console

by on December 15, 2009
in Android, Gadgets, Gaming

odroidEver seen a mobile OS running on a gaming console? Well, Android can do it!

Odroid is the first gaming device that runs on Android, specially for games that are available in the Android Market for Android phones.


It is based on a Samsung-manufactured application processor called S5PC100 833MHz. The system-on-chip(SoC) uses the latest ARM’s Cortex-A8 with NEON multimedia accelerator. The chip’s 3D OpenGl ES capability enables high speed 3D games such as Speed Forge 3D.

Odroid Specifications

The Odroid specifications are as follows:

  • a 3.5-inch 320×480 capacitive touch screen
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Bluetooth
  • a microSD slot
  • HDMI output

The developer edition of Odroid will cost around $349 (£210).

I would go for this device only if Android offers some decent games. I don’t want to get this console just for playing Snakes.

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