iPhone 4.0, Next Major Firmware Update

by on December 15, 2009
in iPhone

iphone-post-imageIn my previous post, I mentioned about the existence of iPhone 4.0 firmware. It was discovered by BGR, when they were going through their server logs and found iPhone 4.0 and iPhone 3.1.3 in it.

This shows that someone has been using these firmwares, probably in the Apple testing labs, to browse the web and test.

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3.1.3 is going to be a minor update which will only bring bug fixes whereas, iPhone 4.0 will be a major update with lots of new features expected like we it was in the case of iPhone 3.0 firmware release.


Above is the screenshot of what BGR found in its logs. Not sure how legitimate they are, but it certainly is some news for iPhone users who are expecting iPhone 4G this summer with the iPhone 4.0 firmware update.

The excitement continues to build up with Google Nexus One and XPERIA X10, both Android-based devices, coming out in February 2010. Even the next Android based device by Motorola, Droid 2, is slated for a February 2010 release.

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  • iPhone 4G wolud be great to use for users. it is having the iPhone 4.0 firmware update.oh!! i am so excited.

  • woah! This sounds cooool!!