Backup Facebook with Archive Facebook

by on December 12, 2009
in Facebook, Firefox, Tips and Tricks

I have previously shared and gave away free license keys of SocialSafe, a tool to backup your Facebook account.

Well, since that was a paid app and people mostly prefer free tools and applications, I’ve found a free method to backup your Facebook profile.


ArchiveFacebook is a free tool that allows you to save content from your Facebook account directly to your hard drive. Archive your photos, messages, activity stream, friends list, notes, events and groups.

It is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save web pages from Facebook and easily manage them. Save content from Facebook directly to your hard drive and view them exactly the same way you currently view them on Facebook.

The addon is still in experimental stage, so you will need to create an account at the Firefox addon website.

Download ArchiveFacebook

You can download it from here: Download ArchiveFacebook

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