How to Install a Custom ROM on HTC Hero

by on December 2, 2009
in Android

htc-hero-whiteJust today I did a tutorial on how you can root your HTC Hero and install the latest Amon Ra Recovery Image.

Now if you’re looking for installing and loading a new custom ROM i.e MoDaCO 2.9 or later, on your HTC Hero, I’d recommend you carefully follow the tutorial below.

How to Install a Custom ROM on HTC Hero

Things You Should Know:

  1. I’m using an unlocked HTC Hero running on stock firmware 2.73.x.x and I rooted and installed a new recovery image using this tutorial.
  2. Create a Nandroid backup of your phone before proceeding. This is just a precaution you should take in case anything goes wrong.
  3. A wipe has to be done while loading a new ROM, so again, backup your phone i.e contacts, apps, settings, messages etc. [How to Backup SMS on Android]
  4. This method also works with Sprint Hero.

The Tutorial

Before you proceed, I hope you read the above lines I wrote and have rooted your phone using this tutorial: How to Root HTC Hero and Install RA Recovery Image.

1. Download any custom ROM that you want to install/load on your HTC Hero. Download MoDaCo 2.9 from here – My favourtite ROM!

**In case of Sprint Hero, make sure the ROM you’re downloading is compatible with your phone.

2. Rename the ROM you just downloaded as

3. Now plug in your Hero to the computer and from the notifications, mount the SD card.

4. Copy the ROM file ( to your SD card. DON’T copy it into any folder.

5. Unplug the phone and turn it off.

6. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery Mode by holding down Home and Power buttons to turn it on. Keep holding them until you see some text written in green.

7. In the Recovery Mode, select “Wipe” and then select Wipe data partition.

8. Once the wipe is completed, go to “Flash update image” and select Apply

9. Confirm the installation and then sit back and watch while the ROM is being installed/loaded.


10. When completed, reboot the phone. Your new ROM should be up and running now!

NOTE: The first reboot may take time, so be with patience. Even the first startup and the phone will be a bit slow, but should get fine in a few minutes.

How to Root HTC Hero and Install RA Recovery Image

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  • magicm

    hey. i tryed ur way and my htc hero stuck on “HTC” screeen after reboot? only write`s Htc the HERO ….HTC…then Hero….etc.. Any solution? THx

  • paulshelley

    That happened to me too, it just takes a LOOOOOOOONG time to boot the new rom. Have patience if you do this mod, it works just fine. Thaks to the Guys who provided this Tutorial.

  • I'm glad everything went fine and you liked the tutorial :)

  • paulshelley

    Do you happen to know how I can get Eclair 2.1 on my Hero?

  • You can grab the custom Android 2.1 ROMs for Hero from XDA Developers,
    depending on which one you would like to try.. :)

  • ilja

    holy crap my phone stuck too. on htc logo then hero, he can do it forever… any solutions? modaco 3.2 rom

  • You have to perform a wipe if it gets stuck on the HTC logo and reinstall
    the ROM.

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  • Farooq Malik

    salam Haris. You said at step 8. (Once the wipe is completed, go to “Flash update image” and select Apply everything went well but here I'm stuck at the last step. My phone is not installing the update. When i click '' Apply '' It says installation aborted. Infact it has been happening before also when I was trying to update OVER THE AIR before applying ROOTING through your tutorial (thanks for that). I was getting the same message installation aborted.
    Any help much appreciated.

  • Are you trying to install the Android 2.1 preparatory update?

  • Farooq Malik

    I just received OTA the update to Htc stock firmware updating youtube ect. I downloaded it and phone restarted itself showing green text then it said installation aborted. Anyway it happened before I installed MoDaCo successfully according to your tutoria. Thanks

  • ferneye

    ii have just done this and i had the problem saying istallation aborted. so instead of chosing “Apply” i chose the “apply sdcard: choose…” and i realised the rom i had saved was saved as so i chose that one and it went from there, hope this helps someone

  • Jason D

    Great article, thanks very much guys.



  • John

    followed the directions exactly and heres what i got starting from the recovery menu

    E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command

    — Wiping data…
    Formatting DATA:…
    Formatting CACHE:…
    Data wipe complete

    (i then hit : Apply and got)

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    What the hell should i do. ive gotten no help from

  • Gagaghshj

    John ur Tom has no signature look up on Google how to bypass