Nokia E72 Hands-On Brief Review

by on November 28, 2009
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nokia-e72-topaz-brownYesterday, I got my hands on the Nokia E72 which stayed with me for almost 5 hours. That was like a 5-hour date for me with my to-be-soon girlfriend! Yeah, I’m going to buy that phone soon.

The review was actually posted on my new blog,, which is dedicated towards the Nokia E72 reviews, tips, applications and themes.


Remember, this is not a full review – so don’t expect me explaining each and every feature in detail. I had the E72 for almost 5 hours and had applied on the S60 Hero theme for Nokia E72. You can see it in the photo above along with my HTC Hero.

Lightweight, Keyboard

So starting off with the brief review, my first impression after holding the phone was like, it’s really light! I also have a Nokia E71, and when compared to that, E72 is quite light in weight. Next was the keyboard. Keys are now a bit bigger in size as compared to the E71. I didn’t had my Nokia E71 today, instead I took my HTC Hero, otherwise I’d have compared both the phones in photos. Well, nevermind, I’ll do that in a week.

Nokia E72 from the eyes of HTC Hero

5 Megapixels Camera

Next thing I tried was the 5 megapixel camera that comes in the power-house E72. The photo quality is simply brilliant! Way better than my Nokia N96 (5 megapixels). This is one camera phone that capture photos like that of a digital camera. Really impressive results, I must say!

E72 camera result:

Nokia E52 from the eyes of Nokia E72

Optical Navi Key

Nokia has done an amazing job with the optical navi key. You can configure how much sensitive you want it to be and using it is really easy! No fuss of missing or skipping any touch inputs. It will work even with a feather!

Operating System – S60v3 FP2

The overall OS (S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2) has been greatly optimized for E72. I also have S60v3 FP2 on my Nokia N96, but there is a big difference in both the devices i.e speed and features.


For the Nokia E72 and HTC Hero photoshoot gallery, click here!

[Review via E72User]

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  • Rockstarsid

    Yes, the camera is just awesome!! My friend has a black color one.. I have plans to get it :D But, unfortunately, my plans no longer work!! =D

  • sexy

  • Burpman

    Are you mad? The Opti Navi Key is horrendous!!! In a menu, each flick moves it only one icon at a time. It's a whole lot more work and tiring than actually just pressing the button.

    Added to that, the fact that Nokia has tried to eat it's cake and have it too, by having both the D-pad buttons as well as the opti key together, have rendered it even more useless. The raised edges of the button make flicking your thumb on it very unpleasant.

    Third rate job from Nokia.

  • jessa2009

    hey… can i ask? how can you activate the optical navi key in this phone? mine's not working. :(

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