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by on November 26, 2009
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logoToday, I found an excellent websites for all those who like to upload and share files using File hosting services like Rapidshare or Megaupload etc.

Load2All is a free online service which allows you to upload your file to 19 different file hosting services and give you one link which you can share.

You can select the file hosts on which you want to upload your file. Another great feature of the website is that it can split the files into parts if the file is larger then he size limit allowed by a specific file hosting website. It will simply pack the files in an .rar and split them so that it can be uploaded.

Main features of Load2All:

  • Its free and Easy to use
  • Upload file to 19 different mirrors
  • Automatically split large files into smaller parts and upload
  • Allows you to login to your Rapidshare Collecter Account

How to use Load2All

1. To upload the file, just click on choose file and browse the file which you want to upload.


2. Select the websites on which you want to upload your file.


3. You can even login with you Rapidshare Collector Account so you can earn Rapid Points. After you are done with this just write your email on which the link will be send, enter the verification number and Upload.


And you are done…

Visit Load2All

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  • Youup

    YouUP.info helps in uploading your files simultaneously to various free file hosts providers. All you have to do is to upload your file to our server once and then it gets automatically uploaded to file hosting sites you selected below. Once the file is uploaded to our server, you will be given the link to the download page which contains all the download links.