How to Get the New Google Search

by on November 26, 2009
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google-new-logoThere have been some rumours pointing out that Google is working out a new site design and have been testing with some users.

Today these rumours were confirmed when Gizmodo posted a live screenshot of then new design and also posted a simple, quick trick to try out the new Google Search design.


How to Get the New Google Search

Following the steps below, you can try the new Google Search design.

1. Go to

2. Once it loads, enter this code into your web browser’s URL address field:


3. Hit Enter.

4. Refresh page and now you should have the new Google Search.

And what do you think of the new Google logo? I’m lovin’ it!

[Via Gizmodo]

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  • Not working for me on firefox

  • After pasting the code and refreshing the page, go to – Not on or any other country specific Google Search.

  • Flascher

    I tried this, and ironically enough, it doesn't seem to work on Google Chrome.

  • Kunu

    Firefox here, not working :(

  • The code is still working fine for me on Firefox. No issues.

  • Name

    this really doesnt work on any browser

  • Working fine … Tested by me on Firefox and Chrome web browsers …

    If it didn't work then after going to “” you'll automatically be redirected to your country specific search (for example for Pakistan), to go to only “” press the link “Go to” listed at the end of the search page …

    I hope it may help :)

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  • its working