How to Edit Photo Thumbnail in Facebook

When uploading a new profile photo in your Facebook account, if the photo is in square, the thumbnail created would be fine and will show the whole photo.

But if the photo has a higher height than it’s width, you might have to adjust the thumbnail position or it would only show some part of your head or the bottom of the photo.

How to Edit Photo Thumbnail in Facebook

If you want to adjust the thumbnail so that it shows you in it, follow the steps below.

1. Open your profile page.


2. Move your mouse over the profile photo so that you see the link “Change Picture” on the top right corner of your photo.


3. Click on that link and select “Edit Thumbnail”.


4. Now drag your thumbnail in the box to adjust it to your liking. Hit Save and you’re done!


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  • Bastian


  • Shelbyspjmustang

    Yea but how can you do this to the default picture thats on your albums?

  • Nobody seems to know how to do that for album pictures (they just look all goofy and cropped wrong).  It seems you can only fix thumbnails for profile pictures.  Even when someone explains they know how to do the profile picture, but not the album pictures, the responder still explains how to do the profile picture.  It’s as if they don’t really read the question.  Maybe we will get a REAL answer someday.