BlackBerry Master Control Program

by on November 25, 2009
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mcp-logoBlackBerry Master Control Program is a free application to manage and configure your BlackBerry phone from the computer.

It is is a power tool for BlackBerry devices designed for basic, moderate and advanced users.

You can use BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) take screenshots (including auto-capture and auto-save), set the device time, turn the radio/on off, recover memory, gather information, view/clear event logs, display modules, backup and restore third party applications and a lot more features for the Advanced users like factory reset, load, save and erase modules and complete OS management.





  • Manages multiple USB Devices.
  • Performs ALL Java Loader commands and ALL Java Loader options
  • Upgrade/Downgrade to any device OS that is installed
  • Relocates OS files to the same locations as CrackMem
  • MCP is available via Windows Control Panel after installation.
  • Easy to access shortcuts to the most common BlackBerry tools.
  • Also available as portable version.
  • Backup & Restore 3rd Party Apps
  • Create ALX/JAD files

Download BlackBerry Master Control Program

You can download this free application from here: Download BlackBerry Master Control Program

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