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by on November 23, 2009
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android-logoFinally we’re seeing some useful Android app being released as more Android phones show up in the market. The latest app I like is PS3 Friends, that brings PSN friends to your Android phone.

PS3 Friends Android app is still in beta stage, but does as its download page tells in the Android Market. It shows your PSN friends and their last activity, like the last time they logged in their account.

PS3 Friends Android Screenshot


PS3 Friends Android Features

This app has a very easy and simple interface. You can see it in the screenshot above. The app shows:

  • Your friend’s last sign in time
  • Achievements
  • PSN level
  • If your friends are online/offline

Unfortunately, PlayStation does not provide any API to enable chatting with your PSN friends from other devices other than the PS3 itself. I really hope they allow that soon.

Other than that, this app is a really cool one to check when your friends are up and playing. PS3 Friends is also compatible with Android 2.0 (Motorola Droid).

Download PS3 Friends

You can download PS3 Friends from the Android Market for free!

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  • Android user

    can you add QR codes to your posts, please.

  • Okay, sure! Will add them :)

  • ps3 guy

    cool! now I can stalk my friends while I'm away from my ps3. This is a great idea!

  • technology_boy

    i am also trying to develop a desktop app to retrieve friends list from th eps3 any help with an api for it as i am very stuck

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