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by on November 22, 2009
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windows live messenger new iconWindows Live Messenger provides chat service on mobile with some contacts to some countries like USA, Brazil and UK, using Live Messenger. But this service is not available in many countries including Pakistan.

MSN Messenger Mobile Service Pakistan is a free service that enables people to chat with their mobile contacts in Pakistan, no matter which service provider they might be using.

Installation and Configuration

Remember, you should have the latest Windows Live Messenger installed before proceeding.

You are required to download and install the MSN Messenger Mobile SMS Service Client which will automatically install the required pre-requisites. Download and unzip the archive and execute the setup.exe.

Now just follow the three simple steps to get the service client running:

  1. Sign-out MSN Messenger.
  2. Run the client application.
  3. Sign-in MSN Messenger.

After the installation and configuration, the SMS capabilities of your Live Messenger will be activated for Pakistan. If you are diconnected from the service, sign-out and sign-in again to get connected. You can now add an SMS Contact and chat with them normally.

How to Add a Mobile Contact

Now follow the following steps to add a mobile contact from Pakistan in your Windows Live Messenger.

1. In Windows Live Messenger 2009 click the Contacts > Add a contact menu item.

2. Only provide the mobile number you wish to chat with and select the country Pakistan and click next. The mobile contact will start appearing in your list. In case the contact does not appear, repeat step 1 and 2.



3. Now from your contacts list, just double-click the contact you just added and start chatting!


[Via SMSLive.Pk]

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