Seesmic Mobile App for Android

by on November 21, 2009
in Android, Mobile Apps

seesmic-logoSeesmic is already one of the hottest Twitter clients that has recently released for Windows. And they made it even bigger by announcing the two mobile apps for Seesmic.

Seesmic is now also available for Android devices and BlackBerry. These two mobile apps are free to download and use.


Android really needed a Twitter client that was well worth using. Twidroid and Swift, the two current top Twitter clients are just not up to the mark. The interface for Seesmic for Android looks really impressive.

Now I have to play with this app more. Might do a full review of the app soon. And this app (Seesmic) is the first high-definition Twitter client app on Android. This is the reason why it is more visually appealing.

You can grab Seesmic on Android from the Android Market, and get the BlackBerry version by pointing your BlackBerry to Seesmic.

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