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by on November 19, 2009
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raven-logoIf you are searching for a portable blogging solution to let you update your blog on the move, so here is the most advanced app I have found for you.

Though you might have tried ScribeFire and w.blogger for the same purpose. I bet you won’t be disappointed with Zoundry Raven.

Zoundry Raven is a free open source app which let you blog in ease. It is a feature-rich client with the power of WYSIWYG editing.

You will also get benefit of FTP as well as Picasa/Image Shack integration and more. For advanced users it also supports custom fields.



When I say feature-rich, I really meant it. ZR is designed for bloggers only specially for pro-bloggers.

  • Tabbed true WYSIWYG Editing – fully XHTML editing, what you see is what you get type of post writing, with the power of drop images, text and video. Which can later be viewed in template of your own blog.
  • Improved content management – built in indexer which let you view you see all your posts according to added blogs, tags, links. It also has tag cloud to let your feel the original dashboard browse environment.
  • Manage multiple media storage services – Here you can setup many storage media services like custom FTP, Picasa, Image Shack etc
  • Manage multiple blogs offline – simple click to publish same post for all blogs.
  • Portable Application support – is also available to let you blog on the move for all the extended aand home like features.
  • WordPress 2.2+ Page & Tag support – create pages with WYSIWYG power even tag support is available to let you add, modify and import tags.

Note: The only requirement you need to set is to enable Remote Blogging to start blogging with ZR.

Interestingly supported blogging platforms includes all of them like Blogger, Movable Type & TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, and more

Download Zoundry Raven

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  • I could not get this to work properly in Linux.

  • Could not make it work on Windows 7 as well. It went forever when i tried to add an account for blogger.