Internet Explorer 9 Screenshots and Video

by on November 19, 2009
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internet explorer 9 logoAt the day 2 of Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2009 (PDC09), the Internet Explorer team unveiled Internet Explorer 9, aka IE9, which they have started working on three weeks only, prior to the event.

The early preview build of Internet Explorer 9 was demonstrated by Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows and Windows Live Division.

Internet Explorer 9 Screenshots

Image Credit: Long Zheng


Internet Explorer 9 will, along with other new features, use the power of your GPU to render graphics. Now this sounds interesting for a browser to use our GPU, but still it’s IE and we’ll never know if it’s good or bad till we get the first beta version. It will also have built-in support for rounded corner CSS and a new JS engine will be there in IE9.

Microsoft has not unveiled any dates or when Internet Explorer 9 would be available for public download. According to Neowin, the latest internal build demonstrated was labeled as 7658.0.091116-1745.

Internet Explorer 9 Demo Videos

Microsoft’s Channel 9 team have posted three demo videos, check them out below.

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[Via Redmond Pie | Neowin]

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