Facebook 1.1 for Android

by on November 17, 2009
in Android, Social Networks

Facebook for Android is one of the worst app Facebook has ever released for any of their devices. The Android version can barely do anything – But now, welcome the Facebook 1.1 for Android.

In my experience with Facebook 1.0 app on HTC Hero, all it could do is check your news feed and comment or like feed items there. Or most you can do is open anyone’s profile information.

In the recently launched Motorola Droid, that runs on Android 2.0, it has been found that it comes with the latest Facebook 1.1 and someone has been kind enough to extract the .APK out of the Droid for the rest if us to try it on our Android 1.5 devices (HTC Hero, Droid Eris, Dream, Magic etc)

It’s now more like the iPhone version, but still doesn’t have support for private messages in Facebook.

Download Facebook 1.1 for Android

You can download it from the link given here: Download Facebook 1.1 for Android (Direct Mirror)

Update: Direct mirror added.

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  • Niko

    Man, why RapidShare? I do believe I got there promptly but it already said too many people were downloading (come back in 2 minutes). After several tries and just giving up to come back, when I did come back it said no more downloads for free users.

    RapidShare sucks balls!

  • Direct link added :)

  • chader144

    no luck on my Sprint hero… force closes.. any suggestions to get to work on 1.5?

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