Doom 3 for iPhone: Coming Soon

by on November 7, 2009
in Gaming, iPhone

doom-3We have seen games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D come to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but never thought of having actual console games on them.

id Software’s John Carmack has revealed that Doom 3 and Fallout could make their way to the iPhone 3GS. He also added that it took them around six weeks to port Doom to the iPhone.

Since Doom 3 has intense visual graphics, Carmack should be looking to focus to port this game only to the iPhone 3GS and to the third-generation iPod Touch. He also added in his notes, “I think we could do the real Xbox Doom 3 game on a 3GS. That is pushing it a bit but you could probably get that kind of visual fidelity.”

Carmack also told that Fallout could also come to the iPhone. A demo is already made, but not much is known when it will be out to the App Store.

Though I’ve played Doom 3 a lot on my PC, but having it on iPhon3GS is one exciting game I’m looking forward to play.


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  • If it is as scary as the PC version, then there is a very real possibility that people would drop their phone while playing this game.
    Man, I loved the PC version of DOOM 3.