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by on November 3, 2009
in Android

android-logoI once shared how to take screenshots on your Android phone, but the Screenshot app seems to have vanished from the Android Market and from the website too.

I see people still looking for the app and though I would share it here with you all for download and use it on your Android phone.

Android Srceenshot application is the easiest way to capture screenshots. You don’t have to fuss with the source code. It’s more like the Screenshot app for S60 phones.

screenshot-android-app-1 screenshot-android-app-2

Download Screenshot 1.1 App for Android

You can download this app from here: Download Screenshot

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  • Jinesh

    Can you send me the source code for this app please or atleast let me know on what is being used to do this?>

  • Contact the developer for more info.

  • Asfdas

    Please, everyone in this world, stop using those damn file hosting services – not everone has an account, but everyone hates waiting ten minutes to load a few kb. Sure, you'll always find such files somewhere else but why do I have to search for something I've already found? Where's the good ol' FTP?

  • Bozen

    Como se usa ? How works ?