Motorola Sholes Android 2.0 Ported to G1

by on November 2, 2009
in Android

g1-googleJust a couple of days ago I was talking about Android 2.0 being ported to G1/HTC Dream, but that was just videos and no developer had said anything about releasing the port from public.

barakinflorida from XDA-Developers forums as posted that he’s currently working on Motorola Sholes Android 2.0 port to G1.

He has already ported Android 2.0 from Motorola Sholes to G1, but the problem he’s facing is that the ported Android 2.0 is big for the size of G1. Once he gets over this problem, he’ll release the update file for Android 2.0 to run on G1.


The screenshot you see above is from G1 running on Android 2.0 ported from Motorola Sholes. But the big-sized UI is the problem barakinflorida is trying to fix.

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