How to Switch New and Old Orkut Designs

by on November 1, 2009
in Social Networks, Tips and Tricks

Orkut logoOrkut has revamped their site and have now rebuilt it from ground using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) which has turned Orkut a lot faster, richer and more intuitive experience for everyone.

I have been offering invitations to everyone in my other post. If you have got the new design and are not satisfied with it, you can always go back to the old design.

How to Switch to Old Orkut Design

In the top right corner, you will see a link for “Older Version”. Click that you will get the old version back. Simple, eh?


How to Switch to New Orkut Design

Similarly, if you would like to switch to the new design now, you can always do that from the big ‘O’ next to your name in your home page in Orkut.


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  • pardipjr


  • ishan_banga

    new orkut is cool…
    if anybodys is left for orkut invitation can contact me at

  • ilyas

    but i dont have the big ” O ” next to my name. how should i switvh ????

  • Chinnu 24

    am a new user . its really boring with the new version . how can i get old version

  • Sanathsunny

    i want myold orkut back top of the rightside there ‘l be noold version