Find Nokia Firmware, Product Codes with Navifirm

navifirm-thumbI’ve always been in search of a such tool that would let me find my Nokia phone firmware, extra country product codes and install/uninstall ROM on my phone.

Navifirm is the ultimate all-purpose tool for downloading Nokia firmware images, obtaining lists of product codes, and finding the right product code for your phone.


It downloads all this straight from Nokia’s servers so you don’t have to wait for people to post data packages and lists of product codes.

Navifirm is useful for:

End users: Find product codes to use with NSS/NSU
Journalists: Be the first to know when new firmware hits NSU
Developers: Download ROM images for extracting files
Care Suite/Phoenix/box users: Download ROM images to flash

You can add additional NSU servers by editing Main.cs file in the source code.


You an download this free Nokia tool from here: Download NAVIFIRM

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