Orkut New Design Invitations Giveaway

by on October 31, 2009
in Social Networks

Orkut logoOrkut introduced a new design two days ago in which they have rebuilt the entire site using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) which has turned Orkut a lot faster, richer and more intuitive experience for us all.

Now this design isn’t opened for everyone to try and you need an invitation first if you would like to try out the new Orkut.


I’ve got an invitation for myself to try out the new Orkut design, thanks to @denharsh for the invite.

Orkut New Design Invitations Giveaway


Now I’m offering all Sizzled Core readers to try out the new Orkut design for free. I have 10 invitations to send. Like all the past giveaways, all you have to do is drop a comment below with your email address and I will invite you myself to try the new Orkut design.

You MUST be in my list before I can invite you. So please add me.

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  • anj

    hey can u send me an invite too???
    my email is given in the email slot

  • Marco

    Man, I’d really appreciate a new design orkut invitation
    If you have some yet, or anybody, i’d be thanked.
    my e-mail is quinhotadeu@gmail.com
    and my profile URL is http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#Profile?rl=mp&uid=10702697862508175631

  • Anonymous

    hey i m damn crazy 2 use the new orkut..so send me one plzz..!

    ma id is..apple_sweetboy@yahoo.com

    and ma pro. link-http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Profile?uid=15242774100482924209

  • pavan sai

    Invite me Dude

  • Anonymous

    dude Plz send To yash_yuvi@yahoo.com

  • karthik

    hey plz give me yar im dying to have it

  • Anonymous

    its look very cool….
    and sounds great…..
    now i also want this new orkut..

  • Anonymous

    juliesilva28@hotmail.com can u give me an invitation pleease

  • Anonymous

    yeah,nice buddy,send me one if possible

  • Anonymous

    Plz send me invitation for new orkut design…..

  • Anonymous

    plz send me an invite

  • Anonymous

    hiiiiii plzzzz add new orkut theme

  • jasirjavaz

    wow tat nice

  • Www TUSHER

    You are very beautiful boy