Android 2.0 on G1 and HTC Dream

by on October 31, 2009
in Android, Gadgets

android-20-eclairsIt’s just two days since Android 2.0 SDK was officially released and announced by Google, and guess what? Android 2.0 has already been ported to G1 and HTC Dream.

Performance wise, Android 2.0 on G1 and HTC dream is quite slow, but the developer community at XDA-Developers will definitely do something about it and will actually make it usable.

I wonder if HTC Hero developers had this mind, but since Android 2.0 for HTC Hero is officially announced, no one would waste their time on that.

But seriously, if Android 2.0 gets ironed for G1 and HCT Dream specifications, now that would be big!

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