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by on October 30, 2009
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my-android-manager-thumbYesterday only I wrote about an Android management software for HTC phones, and today I’ve another similar Android PC software to manage your Android phone.

My Android Manager is an application meant to automate all of your phone management needs through the use of ADB.

If you are are more comfortable with typing out every command and don’t need a easier and quicker way to accomplish it, you dont need this app. It’s basically a visual ADB commander.

My Android Manager Features

Features in My Android Manager includes:

  • ADB Detection
  • ADB Installation
  • Phone Detection
  • Flash files with ease
  • Advanced file manager
  • Drag and Drop Files

Unlike HTC Phone Portal, this is a proper application and doesn’t require wifi or a browser to run.

My Android Manager Screenshots



Download My Android Manager 0.5.2 BETA

You can download My Android Manager from here: Download My Android Manager 0.5.2 BETA

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  • Such a cool thingy! I wud definitely download it for my Android phone. [if I ever had one :P]

  • Retired2004

    the link above does not work for me (France, Firefox3.5.7). it leads to a page of advertising ( : no other indication for download…
    please have you a direct link..
    thanks for all.

  • wensterretje

    The link does not work helpppppp does anyone have this link??


  • yeah, goes to a blank parked domain :/

  • This application is dead.

  • DroidUser1

    The app is still available at this link:

  • Alexander

    What is the added value? We can browse the drive by mounting android as USB Storage device and move files around all day long.

    No added value.