How to Use Facebook Lite as Default

You all have seen the new Facebook homepage by now and have heard mixed reactions from everyone. It’s kind of weird that every time we get used to one Facebook design, they change it again then.

Many of you really hate the new Facebook design and find it very annoying as you don’t get to keep up with the happenings in your friends profiles. If that’s the case, I’d suggest you go for Facebook Lite as default.

How to Use Facebook Lite as Default

Follow the steps below to get a clean Facebook user interface using Facebook Lite as default.

1. Login to Facebook Lite and go to Settings (wrench tool beside search box).


2. From the Settings page, go to Default Site.


3. Choose Facebook Lite from the two options and click Save.


You should now see Facebook Lite as your default page.

[Via ithinkdiff]

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