HTC PC Suite for G1 and Hero

htc-logoThe only complain that Android OS users do is that there is no proper PC Suite or PC Software for Android phones. HTC Sync is available for HTC Android phones, but all it does is transfer .APK files or sync contacts.

HTC Phone Portal is a cool little phone manager app that works really well with HTC Hero and G1. It’s an app that runs a web server from your phone that you can access over Wifi from any browser on the same network.


From the developers:

Recently some of the system dumps from the upcoming Motorola Sholes/Tao/Droid hit the Developer community, and they have been trying to piece the puzzle together of what the Motorola Sholes/Tao/Droid is all about. We got our hands on a new app which looks like it will be front and center when the device finally hits the shelves, Motorola Phone Portal.

Motorola Phone Portal has been tweaked to work with HTC Hero and G1 which provides all the functionality of an Android PC Suite. Since it works from within a web browser, means this application can run from any OS.


This app allows you to:

  • view/add media on your phone
  • view your call log
  • read and send sms from the browser
  • and a lot more!

It is really very easy to use and the screenshots you see throughout this article already show how straightforward this web-based Android Manager is. The only steps required on your phone is to press the Connect button and note the URL for your browser. Screenshots below.

android-manager-1 android-manager-2

Most of the Motorola branding has been removed for HTC fan boys to have a better experience.

Download HTC Phone Portal

You can download this Android app from here: Download HTC Phone Portal [Mirror]

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