How to Upgrade T-Mobile G1 to Android 1.6

by on October 28, 2009
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g1-googleAll T-Mobile G1 users are impatiently waiting for the Android 1.6 Donut update being available for their devices.

Not sure when it will be available, G1 users can manually upgrade to Android 1.6 firmware. Apart from this, Google today announced Android 2.0 and it’s features.

How to Upgrade T-Mobile G1 to Android 1.6

To upgrade your T-Mobile G1 devices to Android 1.6 (Donut) DRC83, follow the steps given below.

  • Download the file
  • Rename the file to and copy it to your SD card
  • Reboot your phone into recovery mode. Power off the phone first and then hold down the Home key while powering it back on.
  • The recovery mode is finished loading when you see the ! mark inside the triangle. Press Alt + L to display the list of options.
  • Press Alt + S to flash the file
  • Wait for the update to apply. Your phone may reboot during this process so be patient.
  • Press Home + Back if prompted to reboot your phone.

NOTE: This is just being shared for rooted/hacked Android devices. We will not be responsible if you mess up or brick your Android phone.

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  • Name

    Hi, I tried this procedure and it gives me E: No signature (302 files), do you know what this is ? I'm upgrading from 1.0 F/W, unlocked.

  • dhariwal

    i m getting,
    failure at line 2 (with whole lot of strings), looks like something to do with fingerprint

    any help

  • Sphskid123

    i got failure at line 2 as well. did you ever figure out how to update your phone?

  • Cody Bruce

    I get the same problem. I downgraded to 1.0 RC29 and now I can’t figure out how to install cyanogen or anything