Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta

by on October 28, 2009
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google-chrome-logoThis is what we have all been waiting for! A release of Chrome OS is finally out! Not officially by Google, but atleast we have something to try out.

Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta is Linux based OS that aims to provide the best web-browsing experience. It is a free operating system built around the revolutionary Google Chrome browser.

Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta Screenshot


According to the official website:

Featured software in Chrome OS:
GNOME 2.24 desktop environment
Google Chrome 4.0.223 web browser
Google Picasa 2.7 photo manager New! 3.0 office suite
GIMP 2.6 image editor
Flash Player 10.0 plugin
and much more!

System requirements of Chrome OS:
Processor: Intel Pentium, Xeon or newer; AMD Duron, Athlon, Sempron, Opteron or newer
RAM: min. 256 MB
Hard disk: min. 1 GB
Graphics card: supports most modern graphics cards

Download Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta

You can download this OS from here: Download Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta

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  • This is unfortunately NOT Google’s Chrome OS. Check the bottom of the download page :

    Chrome OS is not related to Google. Service provided by SUSE Studio. See the license.

  • Site disabled :(

  • Download link is not working .. It says 'Site Disabled'