Backup Android Phone with Nandroid 2.0

android-logoNone of us like to lose data in our mobile phone due to memory card failure or software corruption. For that, it’s best to create and have backups of your phone which will include all your phone configurations.

For this purpose, the only best backup and recovery tool for Android devices available is Nandroid.

Nandroid Backup is a set of tools and a script that will enable anyone who has root on their G1 and has the engineering/dev spl bootloader (or has a dev phone) + a recovery image with busybox and adbd running as root to make full system backups.

These can then be restored using the fastboot commandline tool and your phone in SPL/bootloader mode (hold camera + power). This allows you to create regular backups of your entire phones NAND flash so that you can restore a backup when something breaks.

Using Nandroid is really simple! Just boot your phone in recovery mode with the correct recovery.img (one that has adb shell as root + busybox installed with symlinks to tar, md5sum etc) and connect it to your pc/laptop/server. Then run the script. If something is wrong or missing, it will tell you.

NOTE: This is just being shared for rooted/hacked Android devices. We will not be responsible if you mess up or brick your Android phone.

If you’re looking for Nandroid for HTC Hero, you can easily find that on Google.

Download Nandroid 2.0

You can download Nandroid 2.0 from here: Download Nandroid 2.0

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