Switch to Old Facebook News Feed

We all know about the latest Facebook homepage changes that went live a couple of days ago. Lots of people, including me, have been complaining about it since then.

The latest homepage features separate feeds for news feed and live feed. You can switch to whatever you find yourself more comfortable with.

How to Switch to Old Facebook News Feed

Here’s a way to switch back to the old Facebook news feed. Follow the steps below to change it.

1. In Facebook, click on the ‘More’ link  in the left sidebar.


2. Now drag the Status Updates menu item to the top of the sidebar i.e above News feed.


3. Once moved, click on Status Updates menu item to save and refresh the page.

You will now have the old news feed back! Happy Facebook-ing!

[Via Techie-Buzz]

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  • Dennis

    that is a nice trick, but i only see updates not photos or notes when i apply it

  • gwoodard

    That solution excludes photos, notes, and other original friend content. Facebook needs a boolean filter.