How to Hide Highlights in Facebook Sidebar

A while ago, Facebook introduced a section of Highlights in its right sidebar which shows the most commented photos, coming events, notes and what others are doing.

Highlights section got a neutral response from everyone. Some liked it, but others found it as an addition to the ever growing clutter on the Facebook homepage.


If you don’t like that highlight section, you can use a userscript to delete that part out of the Facebook homepage. Unfortunately, Facebook being so much customizable, doesn’t allow to enable or disable Highlights, Suggestions or any other section of the homepage.

To remove Highlights, simply download the Hide Facebook Highlights greasemonkey script and install it in your browser (see below for your browser). It will remove highlights from your Facebook homepage.

How to Install Userscripts

The following articles may help you if you need to know how to run userscripts in your browser.

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