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by on October 22, 2009
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waver-logoI hope you liked my previous articles/tips on Google Wave, which were how to add Wikipedia in Google Wave and how to find your wave ID.

Google Wave experience is still being quite boring and useless. The web interface also has some glitches, which I’m sure would be fixed as time passes because Google Wave is still in beta preview.

For those who find Google Wave annoying and glitchy in the web browser can now use it on your desktop, thanks to this Adobe AIR application, Waver.


Waver actualyl shows you the iPhone version of Google Wave on desktop. And running it on a computer might not load elements like buttons and other UI elements, however, you can click on the text and still use wave.

Features of Waver are:

  • View a list of waves
  • Reply to waves
  • Create a new wave
  • Manage wave contacts

Wave for iPhone is still under development and as it becomes more stable, this application will automatically work better.

Download Waver

You acn download this free Adobe AIR app from here: Download Waver

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