Tweet and Monitor Computer Usage

TweetMyApps-logoEver wanted to tell your Twitter followers which applications you use the most on your PC and for how long? Well, that’s not difficult at all with this small application.

TweetMyApps records in real-time as a time-tracker which application you have been using and for how long. And then you can share it with your Twitter followers.


Tweet can be detailed (application level) or summarized (type of applications) list. You can also select what applications to monitor and what not. Features of TweetMyApps are:

  • Monitor foreground application
  • Filter and group applications using patterns
  • Patterns use title (wildcards) and/or filename and can apply to documents (MDI applications)
  • Exclude applications from monitoring
  • Remember your Twitter credentials
  • Auto-update using ClickOnce
  • Auto-update of application detection patterns
  • Usage threshold before monitoring/tweeting an application or a group of applications
  • Proxy compatibility (uses Internet Explorer default settings)

Download TweetMyApps

You can download this Twitetr tool from here: Download TweetMyApps

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  • Wow, interesting. I'd love to see what this looks like but I can't seem to find a Twitter profile that uses it…

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  • very good post
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