Nokia PC Suite Cleaner

nokia-pc-suite-logoThere are many applications that you install to try and later when it’s time to uninstall/remove them, they don’t remove all the files from yoru computer that were installed with it. Nokia PC Suite is one of them.

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner helps you remove any unnecessary Nokia PC Suite-related files and registry data left on your PC after uninstalling Nokia PC Suite.

Important: Before using Nokia PC Suite Cleaner, make a backup copy of all your personal content that is stored in the same folder as Nokia PC Suite.

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner

If you have personal files stored in the folder where Nokia PC Suite is installed, Nokia PC Suite Cleaner may remove these in addition to Nokia PC Suite-related data. Nokia PC Suite Cleaner moves the personal files into recycle bin.


  • Remove old or unnecessary Nokia PC Suite-related files from your PC to make way for a new installation
  • Clean both Nokia PC Suite files and registry data
  • Leave other content on your PC intact

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner is designed for use with Nokia PC Suite version 6.83 or later and runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7. This application has NOT been tested with Ovi Suite.

Download Nokia PC Suite Cleaner

You can download this free application from here: Download Nokia PC Suite Cleaner (Nokia_PC_Suite_Cleaner_7_1_1.exe)

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