Metal Detector on HTC Android Phones

by on October 20, 2009
in Android, Mobile Apps

android-logoMy experience with HTC Hero has been great so far. I’ve been playing with it for a month now, trying out new applications and features to make it more productive and useful.

Out of 87 apps I have on my phone, around 35 apps are worth reviewing which I’ll be doing them all in the next few days. The one I’m going to do today is a metal detector app for Android phones.

Metal Detector on Android

Digital Compass isn’t the only app that makes use of HTC G1, Dream and Hero’s built-in magnetometer. Metal Detector is another cool app that uses the magnetometer and really works as a metal detector.

The detector isn’t very strong enough and can’t detect metals too far away, but at least it does which means there are other possibilities with it.

Metal Detector on Android

The Metal Detector app has a very simple interface. Start the app, and the detection will start instantly. Upon detecting metal, you can make the app vibrate or play a sound. A very geeky app that I’d recommend all HTC Android users to give it a try.

Metal Detector app is available for free in the App Market, whereas the Metal Detector app for iPhone 3GS costs $0.99.

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