Mauku: Twitter Client for Nokia N900

by on October 18, 2009
in Mobile Apps

mauku-twitter-client-n900-1I’m sure you’ve all heard of Gravity, the most popular and by far the best Twitter client available for Nokia S60 phones. Not sure if there will be any Gravity for Maemo or not, but there is already a Twitter client available for Maemo 5.

Mauku is a free Twitter client for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900). It brings two micro-blogging services to your Maemo device.


This Twitter client currently supports Twitter and Jaiku. It works with all Nokia Internet Tablets, though you need older versions of the app for Nokia 770, N800, or N810.


As for features, Mauku includes kinetic scrolling, speech synthesizer and home screen widget. Since the app is just in beta testing, there are not many features inlcuded, but it will have a lot more.

Download Mauku for Nokia N900

You can download this app from here: Download Mauku

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  • Thanks for the info.
    Btw it would be very very useful if your posts had a date of posting on them. Since you speak about Mauku being in beta phase, it'd be nice to know if I'm reading an old post. At least I hope Mauku won't always be in beta phase :)

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