Find Wave ID in Google Wave

by on October 18, 2009
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google-wave-logoGoogle Wave is getting lots of tools and gagdets day by day. Some works by simply adding the app contact in your friends list and others by different methods.

Some Google Wave tools also use your wave ID to work.If you are looking for a way to find wave ID, then remember, it’s a bit tricky way to find it.

How to Find Wave ID in Google Wave

My friend Enk has shared a method on how you can find the ID of your wave on Google Wave. Follow the steps below to find yours:

  • Open Google Wave, and add this bot in your contacts:
  • Click on a wave and wait till it loads in the right panel.
  • After a few seconds, you will notice the address bar has been updated with a code i.e “!xxxxxxxx”
  • The xxxxxxxx in that code will be your wave’s ID.

If you have any more questions related to this, shoot a comment below!

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  • mayooresan

    but wot is the point of finding an id???

  • ok, so i found the ID, now what? how can this be used to share waves??

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  • Mcneri

    When you find the wave ID, the wave can be embeded into any other platform. In other words you can start a wave, get its ID and embed it on 100 of your websites. And they will all be updated simultaneously.

  • You can use this ID to use in different apps..
    I've used this ID to integrate Waves into Joomla and WordPress so far.

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