Increase Volume in Windows 7

by on October 17, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

speakerThis was a problem with Windows Vista, and it’s still there in the next version of Windows OS releasing in less than a week, Windows 7! Yes, I’m talking about the low volume problem in Windows.

The problem is, that even though my both, the volume mixer and my application’s volume is set to maximum levels, it is still not loud enough as it was in Windows XP.

How to Increase Volume in Windows 7

I tried updating my sound card drivers, but that didn’t worked either. Then after a little tweaking in Sounds option in Windows, I finally found a temporary fix to this low volume problem.

1. Go to Control Panel and open Sounds.


2. Click on Properties and open the Enhancements tab.


3. Now check the Loudness Equalization option and press OK.


You should now notice a considerable increase in the volume.

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  • Jazzworld

    It works for me!!!

  • Jazzworld

    Placebo my ass…it works for me

  • This made my sound much quieter.

  • Gues

    Whatever the theory, in my experience the sound seems louder and spoken word is much easier to understand on my poor laptopspeakers. So placebo or not, I don’t care, the solution works for me.

  • Thx, it worked for me!! :)