Use Twitter as a Personal Feed Reader

by on September 27, 2009
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twitter-feed-logoTwitter can be used in many ways more than just a status updating tool. For people who spend their entire day on Twitter can use it to get their daily dose of news.

You don’t need to have a separate RSS reader when you can easily manage everything right from Twitter.

You can add as many sites as you want, bookmark (star as favourite) articles for later reading, easily share news with others, etc.

How to Use Twitter as a Feed Reader

Well, without going into much details, I’m explaining the procedure in easy points below.

1. Sign up for a new Twitter account. You can use your existing one, but that would only freak out your followers with so many links.


2. Now go to TwitterFeed and signup for a new account. Or use OpenID to sign in.

3. In TwitterFeed, add your favourite blogs’ RSS feeds and connect it with your Twitter account.haris-twitter-feed

4. Now follow the new Twitter account you made from your usual account and get all the latest blog updates in your timeline!

If you want your feeds to be private, you can password-protect the reader Twitter account so only you can follow it.

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