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by on September 27, 2009
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adsense-gadget-1How many of you check your Google AdSense account multiple times a day? Some people really get addicted to checking their account every hour or so.

For such people, I once shared a  Firefox addon, but now you can get updates of your AdSense account right on your desktop.

Windows Sidebar was one of the worst features of Windows Vista, but since Windows 7 Gadgets, you can easily move around your favourite gadgets on your desktop and palce them wherever you want.

AdSense Desktop Gadget for Windows 7

AdSensor shows your current AdSense earnings on your desktop and saves you time from checking every 10 minutes that if you have made more than Bill Gates.


The gadget is really easy to use. You just have to enter your AdSense login details in the configuration box and the plugin will be ready to use.

Download AdSense Gadget for Windows 7

You can download the AdSense gadget for Windows 7 from here: Download AdSensor (Direct link)

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  • can we see out stats channel vise on this?

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  • interactiveonline

    Doesn't work for me. Just shows Offline as the status.

  • Whonu

    According to Blue Onion Software, adsensor's creator, the adsensor has been retired.