Facebook Introduces Prototypes, Apps In Making

facebook-prototypes-clipartFacebook’s engineers thrive on innovation and experimentation and work on projects that inspire them and build on new ideas, but not all of those features and improvements make it to the main site.

For such applications, Facebook introduces Prototypes, an application directory which brings all the usable product experiments built by Facebook engineers for everyone to try.


Facebook Prototypes

You can test any of the products and features launched by Facebook Prototypes and then provide feedback directly to those who built them. So far, the Prototypes directory shows only five applications, but more will be added soon. Applications available in Prototypes are:

  • Desktop Notifications – For Mac OS X, Adds Notifications to your desktop, alerting you when interesting activity happens on Facebook.
  • Similar Posts – Gives you an easy, one-click way to find similar posts right from your homepage.
  • Enhanced Event Emails – Includes an iCal file as an attachment to your Event Invitation emails, enabling better integration with external calendaring solutions (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc).
  • Photo Tag Search – Search for photos that your friends are tagged in.
  • Recent Comments Filter – Add a filter to the homepage that shows what your friends are commenting on.

A detailed review about these Prototypes and other tips will be done later.

Try Facebook Prototypes

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  • i like these so much, guess i'm just a sucker for trying out the new apps, blame Google Labs