How to Use HTC Hero as a USB Modem

by on September 19, 2009
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htc-hero-whiteI never thought setting up and connecting HTC Hero to be used as a USB modem with laptops would be this easy.

Just like all other phones out there, HTC Hero also lets you use it as a USB modem by tethering it with a PC and enjoy your 3G connection where internet isn’t available.

How to Use HTC Hero as a USB Modem


Follow the steps below to use HTC Hero as a USB modem:

  • Make sure you’ve installed HTC Sync and it works absolutely fine.
  • Now connect your HTC Hero with a USB cable and check if HTC Sync shows it as connected.
  • On Hero, go to Settings > Wireless Controls and in the end, check the option to enable Mobile Network Sharing.
  • Windows will now detect the new hardware automatically and install the “HTC Remote NDIS Network Adapter” driver.
  • Once it completes, you computer is now connected to the Internet using your mobile network! Start surfing!

Pretty simple, eh? I hope you enjoyed this tip and would love to read more of them here. Keep checking back for more.

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  • jamesyuk

    where can i get “HTC Remote NDIS Network Adapter” driver software?
    My vista computer can't detect the driver software which is not available in my computer and in the phone. Please help. thanks.

  • scott

    This helped a lot…along with another tip I saw about shutting the phone off and turning it back on. Thanks…

  • eshballa5

    when i do this i get a data call failure

  • mikeyrowlands

    thanks, works fine on vista!!

  • Sanchez_14

    I am getting this message as well, did you happen to figure out the problem?

  • Saadatkhani

    thanks it was so helpulfull i want to know this conection will be avilabel for phone as well??
    it means while you dont have internet for your phone but your laptop had it can we surf the web or some update for HTC??

  • Anonymous

    downloading some special apps is needed…