How to Hard Reset HTC Hero

by on September 19, 2009
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htc-hero-whiteI hope you liked my previous post on HTC Hero tip, and now here’s another trick that might come in handy someday when you end up messing with your phone.

There is no option in HTC Hero itself to hard reset it, but you follow this tip to bring your phone to factory default state.

How to Hard Reset HTC Hero

Alternatively, you can also do it by reinstalling the current firmware. But for users with the initial firmware can use this trick to hard reset.

  • Switch off the phone.
  • Now hold down the Home and Back keys.
  • Press the Power button (call decline button) once while holding the Home and Back keys
  • After a few seconds, you will see a message on the screen prompting you to press the Menu button to confirm the reset.
  • Release all the buttons first, then press the Menu button to hard reset your HTC Hero.

I’m not sure if this trick works with other HTC Android handsets as well.

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  • dodda

    You just saved my life, thanks :)

  • leeroy6

    on the android you hold down the call end button and call accept button while holding down up/down volume keys.

  • faith67

    You are a lifesaver!! I spent hours and hours reading other forums and trying various fixes and NOTHING worked. I finally accepted that I'd have to do a reset, but I did not lose as much data as I thought – just my apps. All pics, music and videos were intact.

  • nmmatienzo

    great! it worked well on my phone.. thanks!

  • Tim

    yes it works thank you

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  • Lindsay

    It just worked with my HTC Hero with Google (HTC 6277).

  • Jennifer

    thank you.. these phones are garbage..either that or the software is messing mine up.

  • Amanda

    They are garbage… I had to hard reset mine because my text messages won't delete.