How To Connect Hero with HTC Sync in Windows XP

by on September 17, 2009
in Android, Personal

htc-hero-whiteOne thing that lets the HTC Hero down is the non-availability of a proper PC Suite to manage phone applications, file manager etc. The only tool that comes with it is HTC Sync.

HCT Sync allows you to sync your calendar items and contacts with Outlook Express (Windows Address Book) or Microsoft Outlook. But due to some issues, I was having problems connecting the device to my PC.

This wasn’t the issue with just Windows XP, but also with Windows 7. After a few searches, I found some workarounds to connect my Hero with HTC Sync but none of them worked as said.

How To Connect HTC Hero with HTC Sync in Windows XP

After a little messing up myself, I found a way to get it fixed and working on Windows 7 and Windows XP. You don’t have to install any drivers or modify files. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the latest HTC Sync.
  2. From your HTC Hero, go to Settings > Applications >Development
  3. Now check the box for “USB debugging”.
  4. Now go to Settings > Data Synchronization > PC
  5. Now connect your Hero to the PC with your USB cable.


The data sync should now work fine on Windows XP and 7 both. If you still have problems, do shoot me a comment below and I’ll try to find another workaround till HTC officially releases device drivers for Windows 7.

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  • Huwgroves

    did all of that and then run htc sync in win 2000 compatability mode instead of win 7

  • Natedowg_17

    still does not work its pissing me off HELP!!

  • Jmeeker8

    My HTC Hero has no “data synchronization” under the settings tab. There is an “accounts & sync though

  • Mjw069

    I have a HTC Desire. Has anyone found a solution to the issue of HTC Sync not opening on Windows XP (SP3)? The following error message appears, “C:Program FilesHTCHTC SyncApplication LauncherApplication Launcher.exe. This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.” Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried various versions including the latest. Works at home on the same OS on my kids PC but not on my work PC despite all firewall & antivirus being disabled.

  • KaiKai95

    When I Followed These Directions It Still Didn't Work…
    My Original And Still Existent Problem Is That When I Plug My Usb Cord Into My PC And My Phone As Well It Doesn't Connect But The Charger Light Comes On..I Don't Know What Is Up..Please Help!!

  • Carlos A. Noriega

    Great advise and it all helped but I had to go to my usb notification on the Hero and change from charge only to HTC Sync. Small step but a must. As soon as I made the change it worked! Thanks!

  • Danny Trussell

    Help, there is no “Data Synchronization” under settings on my HTC Hero. What do I do now?

  • Tucansam_79

    Does your Hero come with Sync built into the phone?

  • Lettecia87

    hi there, i did everything to sync my htc hero and my laptop, nothing works!i debug it, on the top left corner of my laptop shows a triangle sign with an exclamation mark in it and i cant sync it to my laptop!please do advise!

  • Lumberpack

    found the answer – connect phone to the computer to sync, after that “error” disable debbugig, disconnect phone from computer, enable debugging, then again connect phone to the computer – worked for me ;)

  • dreadmommy

    How To Connect desire z with HTC Sync in Windows XP!!!

  • Faddy

    my HTC sync never detects my phone :'(

  • Aeaweawe

    This must be the most useless phone I ever bought. Will never again buy anything at all from htc atleast.

  • Sync my battleship

    he is correct..  I was about to take my E3D back to Sprint today, tried everything else..  and his suggestion worked.  Everywhere else I read told me to make sure to select USB debugging…as in make sure the box is checked.  PAUL here has is right…  UNCHECK the fn box..  other driver(s) will install when you connect the phone, and everything will be fine.