Windows XP Theme for Windows 7

by on September 15, 2009
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

windows-7-orbHow many of you have actually moved to Windows 7 and have already started missing the good, old Windows XP?

This post is exactly what you need if you want to have the look and feel of XP in your Windows 7. The default blue theme on Windows XP was called Luna, which can now be applied on Windows 7.

Satukoro from DeviantArt has ported Windows XP theme, Luna, to the latest version of Windows, 7! You can see a screenshot of it below:


Download Windows XP Theme for Windows 7

You can download this Windows 7 theme from here: Download Windows XP Luna Theme for Windows 7


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  • Very good information you shared with us. Thanks Haris.

  • That's why i have not moved to Win7 yet :D

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  • waisybabu

    I'd rather not. :P :P

  • Zayan

    I have no idea how to apply this!!!

  • jogie

    i love windows 7 but on my slow comuter it isnt the best and this sped it up for me

  • fung0

    Nice! Now all we need is someone to get rid of the idiotic search bar, which wastes 1/4-inch of vertical screen space on each and every Explorer window. Then Win7 might _almost_ be as usable as XP….

  • putratasik

    windows 7 is the best

  • dao


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  • aftabahmedshah

    its pentastic :-) i love it its so good to work

  • liam90

    how do u apply the theme i got winrar?

  • Patrick

    So how do you install this? There are only some files from which nobody seems to know where to put it. Manual please !!

  • lol7578598

    You need universal theme patcher

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  • its not about the wallpaper – its about the taskbar and how do you get the classic xp taskbar to work – if not – this is just wallpaper and trivial tweaks – makes no sense.

  • propellihattu

    It would be nice to see some advice how to install this theme !
    Without any advice or documentation it gives a feeling of something built by a teenager.

  • windrider

    This is great. Many Thanks to Satukoro

  • pooyanpv

    how can i install this?
    any manual?

  • roth

    really dont know how to install this, author good job – but useless – copy in some directory? activate? use some patcher? without documentation its really useless

  • Thicky

    lol omg thank you. :D

  • sam

    You patch some file called uxtheme.dl or something

  • Fisnik Imeri

    just go to the themes folder in the downloaded rar file and copy all files and folders and than paste to C:WindowsResourcesThemes and than type Luna Aero and u have the new them aplyed in ur windows 7 that looks like Windows Xp- with Aero Working

  • Jaxsen

    This is AWSOME! It looks amazing!

  • Fuck_oyuu

    is the theme maker insane. what kind of people want to this. there is imposssible to unlike windows 7 theme. fcking luna. i hate you and people to want it. i hate you too

  • Josh

    Where do i download this?

  • Fah-Q

    yeah it would be great IF IT WAS IN THE DOWNLOAD

  • Vasilian

    What patcher and how to patch the theme?

  • Kut

    kut zooi

  • Brankz_cheeze9669


  • So finally I find where I can take off KP theme for Windows 7, because I had used the KP and the topics that Windows 7 has, by default I do not like it. THANK YOU

  • AdamGreen

    Hello people! We added a visual theme, this is the “Luna theme (XP default theme) better.
    ***** NOW the buttons on the taskbar changes to ORANGE when a program requires attention.
    and we posted some extra programs for to makes Windows 7 look similar / same as XP !!!

    Luna 7 Theme:

  • Codycullen

     Shot dude. Seven got boring

  • Devin

    first rigt click on your taskbar go to propritiles go to use small icons and never conbine. go to apply and then ok. go to note that you need winrar. winrar will pop up. what you will need to do exstract those files. go to your downlowds and go to luna folder. go to UX theme patch. patch your three files patch theme.restart your computer. after restarted go to your luna folder exstract it to C:WindowsResorsesThemes. go to perslinise go to luna in Installed Themes go to luna or luna aro. mostly this advice is Patrick but other people can look at this to

  • Tim Puhic

    i apply this theme but is Windows 7 always!!!!!
    how you do this?!